Monday, November 29, 2010

Few things to note this morning before I start going in circles

Sen. Lugar(Incumbant Jerk-IN) is apparently seen by the party weenies as 'too wonderful to have to face a challenge', which all by itself means he needs to be thrown out of that office. Especially with the sucking up to the enemy he's engaged in.

Swiss voters have approved a far-right initiative to automatically expel foreign residents convicted of serious crimes, according to poll results.
And why did this have to be a 'far-right initiative'? Why should a foreigner CONVICTED of such crimes not be thrown out?

The EUnuchs prove once again that they're very interested in free speech; as long as it's someone they approve of and words they approve of being spoken.

Gee, a lot of teachers are more interested in process than in actually teaching? WHoda thunk it?

I now return you to your morning routine, which I have to start myself.

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Fred Simons said...

Re. Wendy Scott & pencils:
I gave this some thought and remembered when I was in 6th - 7th grade and thereabouts; and we used to "sword-fight" ala Three Musketeers with yellow No. 2 pencils as our trusty blades. If I look hard, I still have a little black spot on the inside of one elbow that is the remnant of a pencil point that got through my guard.
So I figure that Ms. Scott's students are doing the same foolish stuff that I and my friends did when we were their age. I'm assuming that she has tried other means to get them to get them to stop, they're still doing it, and she's getting a little desperate in trying to get them to knock it off before somebody gets hurt.
Which if it happens would be entirely her fault, of course.
Maybe I'm getting to be an old grump and no fun any more, but I think my sympathies are entirely with the teacher, here.