Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Problem with this article is that it would depend on Obama and Holder

caring more about something else than they care about themselves and their precious progressive and racist ideals. And they don't. Yeah, Holder going away might help Obama in the future; I don't really care, as having someone with actual ethics in the AG spot would help the country.

Speaking of progressive ideals, more on Obama's idiocy. As one commenter put it Rather than seeing Israeli concessions as the key to stopping Iranian nuclear weapons, Obama saw the threat of Iranian nuclear weapons as the key to getting Israeli concessions.

Michael Steele, head of the Stupid Party(aka GOP), has caused lots of problems; seems we've got an Oklahoma version named Kirk Steele. Apparently things like dealing with illegal immigration aren't real important to the 'thinkers' like Steele; for what it's worth I just reminded the state Stupid Party that more elections are coming. One of the idiocies this clown is pushing:
Steele followed that interview up with another in which he said he wants to change state law that prevents cities from enacting stronger anti-public-smoking ordinances, angering some conservatives in the House who find that tantamount to more "big brother" government action. Steele's remarks were followed up a day later by an OML announcement in support.
I don't like cigarettes. I dislike a lot more nanny-state clowns who want to tell EVERYBODY how they'll be allowed to live. No matter what initial the put after their name.

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