Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I have to wonder if the title of this piece describes why Obama

may actually want to do something about Wikileaks now: Why Wikileaks Is Bad For Progressive Foreign Policy. Wonderful, huh? In case you have any doubts of the direction,
Undermining Progressive Policies and Frameworks

In my day job this week, I’m thinking tactically about the leaks’ effects on the issues of immediate concern to me: ratifying the START Treaty and promoting effective diplomacy to deal with Iran, while inching our way toward lasting peace in the Middle East and away from an endless military quagmire
(had to throw that in, right?)in Afghanistan.

But underlying all those discrete policy positions is a common set of assumptions and values: that we live in a complex world where posturing, rigid ideology, and indiscriminate use of force will not get us, as a society or a global commons, to where we need to go; that quiet talk is much more effective than loud threats; that, in the long run, America’s national interests will be best served if we see and act on them as inextricably linked with the interests of others

Author says he used to work at the State Department; no wonder things are so screwed up over there.

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