Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Well, this explains some of the garbage that's come out about Rep. Kris Steele

First off, this Steele fellow is a RINO. The liberal Republican legislator has a cumulative score of 62 (out of a possible 100) on the Oklahoma Constitution’s legislative scorecard for 2010. Steele is also the associate minister of that Wesley United Methodist church. He’s the homeboy at the home church.

Second, Pastor Hewett is quite the devotee of trendy leftist causes. In his oration, Rev. Hewett used his opportunity to offer God a mea culpa for the Trail of Tears: “ … we know some came by forced relocations, against their will. To those we say, ‘We’re sorry for what our foreparents did to your forebears’ … ”

Regarding immigration: “Lord, God, we know that in this our land, some dwell and work, but it has yet to become their land. They’re aliens in our midst; give wisdom and sensitivity to circumstances and compassion to our legislators for these who labor and live among us without appropriate authorization. Lord, God, may Oklahoma become a model for our nation of just, fair, and functional policies of immigration.”

Let's see, apologizing for other people for things they didn't do, check... 'be nice to illegal aliens(like calling them 'undocumented'), check...
Fourth, KTOK newsradio reported that several legislators were “upset” by the invocation but didn’t want to go on the record to the media outlet, just yet, “for fear of retaliation by Speaker Steele in making his House committee assignments …” Hmm. If true, that a) is kinda spineless of these lawmakers, and b) doesn’t make Associate Minister Steele sound like a turn-the-other-cheek sort of Christian. But, if true, it’s also pretty good reporting on KTOK’s part.
Vindictive toward people who don't fall into line, check(spineless politicians, check but on a different list). Just bleepin' wonderful, isn't it?

Speaking of dirtbag politicians,
The Oklahoman reports today that Senator Harry Coates, Tecumseh Republican, and a now-pregnant lobbyist who are having a romantic affair worked together to steer a lucrative state contract toward a private company that had hired the lobbyist.

"The wife of Sen. Harry Coates said Monday her husband has told her he is having an affair with lobbyist Haley Atwood," the newspaper's John Estus and Ann Kelley reported. "Atwood, 29, who didn't deny the affair with Coates, 60, also is married. State officials last week announced plans to award a $10 million-a-year state contract for a new juvenile center to the Ada Youth Academy Authority, which has selected a private operator, Rite of Passage, to run the new center. Rite of Passage earlier this year hired Atwood for consulting work."

These crooks need to be investigated for possible criminal actions. Coates, you're a disgrace.

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