Friday, December 03, 2010

I can't remember where I first heard the "Jews are the canaries

in the coal mine" analogy; it still seems to hold true. And Venezuela is a very gassy mine right now.
Jewish community leaders told PolCouns the Venezuelan government's (GBRV's) attacks and "double-talk," constant criticism of Israel, growing alliance with Iran, and increasing limitations on freedom of speech contribute to a heightened sense of vulnerability by the Jewish community. ...
XXXXXXXXXXXX said "2004 was a turning point in Venezuela," when Chavez began referring to support of certain Jewish leaders for the 2002 post-coup government as justification for verbal and physical attacks against the Jewish community and synagogues.

XXXXXXXXXXXX said anti-Semitic programs and articles have been regular features of government-owned media since 2004, and "international anti-Jewish campaigns have been tailored for use domestically." XXXXXXXXXXXX emphasized that the anti-Semitism is "government-sponsored." He noted that Emilio Silva, the author of a January 20 article on the government website which called for violent demonstrations at the Tiferet synagogue just 10 days before the synagogue was attacked, is still teaching at the pro-government Bolivarian University of Venezuela
If they're counting on the Obama administration for help, they're in worse trouble than they may believe; Obama & Co. have spent too much time sucking up to Thug Chavez and Iran and crapping on Israel for Jews to have any real confidence in him.

Take a look at all that Chavez has done, and run it through Huffman's Jews in the Attic test; you won't like the result.

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