Sunday, October 03, 2010

If you're having trouble finding the enviroweene snuff film

might try here, it's still working.

As for the "Hey, it was just a joke! Just funny!" stuff,
What to do with those people, who are together threatening everybody's existence on this planet? Clearly we don't really think they should be blown up, that's just a joke for the mini-movie, but maybe a little amputating would be a good place to start?"
Ha ha. Funny. Yeah.

Want to try your amputation skills out? First, meet Ms. Benelli. Ho ho ho. That'll be funny.

Added: from Ms. Andrea:
By the way — no, it’s not satire in the great British tradition of Monty Python or even in Curtis’ own Blackadder; those shows poked fun at authority, conformity, and stupidity. This video celebrates authority: the ones who get the red button are 1) a teacher, 2) a member of upper management if not the CEO of a company, 3) a group of footballers against one lone man, and 4) a soundman at the control booth of a studio where Gillian Andersen’s character is behind glass, vulnerable to a seat rigged with explosives. Where is the authority and the conformity being mocked? Some might say that the piece mocks the stupidity of going against such an “obvious” problem as climate change, but how is killing the supposedly “stupid” people supposed to bring them around to the “correct” viewpoint? The answer is that it isn’t; the 10:10 group isn’t interested in changing anyone’s mind, only eliminating those who aren’t on board, and if you aren’t already on board that means you have already been placed in the ranks of the unredeemable. In a way this goes beyond conventional totalitarian movements, who at least seek to bring dissenters into the fold instead of just killing them at the first sign of dissent. (bold mine)


Marja said...

It could be seen as a joke, but only on the environmentalists - the sort of joke which reveals what those really nice people who only think about nice stuff like taking care of the butterflies are really like, see how nice they truly are... So either the people who made it are quite clueless, or there was a fifth columnist involved in making it.

Would be a good story if it actually was the second alternative.

djmooretx said...

[This may double post due to a glitch in the stupid Open ID system.]

Uber-hacker Eric S. Raymond makes several excellent points here.

I believe it was the historian Robert Conquest who said that every organization eventually behaves as though it is run by a secret cabal of its enemies. I have seldom seen any more convincing evidence of this than the “No Pressure” video released by the anti-global-warming activist campaign 10:10.
The reaction from AGW skeptics was no surprise; many fulminated that the mask had slipped, and this video is the agenda of environmental fascism writ large. Thoughtcrime brings death! Conform! Obey! Or die…and the survivors get pieces of their friends spattered all over them as a warning. I think we open a more interesting inquiry by taking the 10:10 campaign at their word. They thought they were being funny.

The question this video really poses is: what kind of person thinks it’s funny to show schoolchildren being blown into bloody gobbets for any reason at all, let alone for merely disagreeing with a teacher’s chirpy sermonizing? And another, which I haven’t seen anyone else articulate: what kind of idiot could fail to foresee what a gift this bit of grand guignol would be to 10:10’s opponents?

There’s a mind-boggling disconnect from the feelings of ordinary human beings implied here, a kind of moral and emotional incompetence. It’s as though the 10:10 campaigners were so anesthetized by the secretions of their own zealotry that they became incapable of understanding how anyone not living deep inside their reality-tunnel would react.

In its own way, I think this is actually a more frightening possibility than the obvious hypothesis that these people are conscious eco-Stalinists who let the mask slip.
There’s an adage known in some circles as Clark’s Law that reads “Sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.” There is no interpretation hinging on either malice or incompetence under which the 10:10 campaign is, after this, qualified to tell anyone how to live. It has self-destructed any moral authority it ever pretended to.

From now on, this video should be Exhibit A whenever the global-warming alarmists pretend to moral or intellectual superiority over the rest of us. All we have to say to them is this: Your kind thought this was funny.

And check out his unusually intelligent commenters; even the ones who disagree make good points that draw out robust responses.

This article isn't getting near the coverage I think it deserves.

Kevin said...

I converted that video to Flash and am hosting it myself, along with a couple of related videos.