Tuesday, October 05, 2010

While we're on the subject of idiots in law enforcement,

Mustapha's participation in the Citizen's Academy so soon after his identification as an unindicted co-conspirator has been a source of supreme embarrassment to the FBI. At first, outraged citizens who called the Bureau's Washington headquarters to complain were told that reports of Mustapha's inclusion in a sensitive-access FBI program were false -- and even that a picture showing Mustapha with other participants (see Pat Poole's Big Peace report) must have been photo-shopped. Alas, that story had a couple of holes: The class picture was an official Bureau photo and the class had been covered by a local ABC correspondent who remembered the sheikh quite well.
So the Effin'BI flat lied to the public. Repeatedly.
Thus came explanation number two: Yes, Mustapha was there, and yeah, maybe that means we took a Hamas supporter through a few top-secret locations, but don't look at us -- blame Chicago. Headquarters thus started referring irate callers to the Chicago field office, where {FBI Chicago flack] Mr. [Ross] Rice now labors through explanation number three: Sheikh Mustapha is our guy.
A: Since when does the EFFIN'BI HEADQUARTERS get told what to do by ANY field office?
B: They actually expect us to BELIEVE this crap?

Come again? Rice dutifully explains that if the Feebs had really thought the unindicted Hamas coconspirator "was a security risk, we wouldn't have included him." But he was included because "he is a very influential leader of the Palestinian community here and imam of the largest mosque and was a welcome addition."

A 'welcome addition' to WHAT, you idiot? You just gave a guy with direct ties to terrorists a tour of the National Counterterrorism Center AND the Effin'BI training center!

I repeat: who's giving these morons badges and FBI cards? And why do they still have them?

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