Friday, October 08, 2010

So if you have a Citi credit card, you need to be aware

that they are not your friend. Or the friend of ANY business related to firearms.
I contacted Citi's media wing to attempt to get their side of the story. Elizabeth Fogarty, Citi Public Affairs answered with the following prepared statement:

"Citi does not prohibit the financing of firearms purchases by individuals nor the financing of businesses that manufacture and sell them to individuals for recreational use. However, we do prohibit financing merchants in the non-ancillary military equipment industry, including the financing of businesses that manufacture and or sell firearms for military use. While we do not discuss individual credit applications, we are always open to reviewing particular decisions when appropriate to ensure the policy is applied correctly."

Unfamiliar with the term "non-ancillary military equipment," I asked for clarification. The response was that "the policy prohibits financing businesses that manufacture and/or sell firearms for military use."

Somehow, I feel the story doesn't end here. As always, we'll keep you posted

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Anonymous said...

Anyone doing ANY business with citibank deserves whatever happens to them - the possibilities are endless - credit card fraud, mortgage fraud, account balance fraud, endless...