Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Not dumping on the cops here, just noting that the

"Police saved the day!" stuff from Obama and Bloomberg is a load of crap.
The contents of the vehicle, a Nissan Pathfinder SUV, included two plastic five-gallon containers of gasoline, three metal propane tanks (the type commonly used for outdoor grills), dry fertilizer in a lock metal gun cabinet described as containing "eight bags (over 100 pounds) of an unknown, fertilizer-like substance and an inverted pot with a "bird's nest" of wires. There were two analog alarm clocks wired to arrangements of M-88 firecrackers. The bomber expected the M-88 firecrackers to go off and puncture the gasoline and propane tanks to spark the explosion. This clearly did not happen. Some of the M-88's ignited, as heard by nearby pedestrians and vendors, but failed to penetrate either the plastic gasoline containers or the propane tanks.
Either through bad design or setup, the bomb DID fire, but we got a squib; the police did what they generally do, clear the area, disarm the remainder and look for clues. Again, I'm not knocking them: I do NOT expect them to be able to magically scan every damn car coming into an area for something suspicious.

Have to wonder, is this general suckup to the cops by the Mayor and President, or playing "See, we can save you from the bad guys even after they set the bomb!" ?

Of course, Nanny Bloomberg is busy first trying to blame the bombing on the tea parties, and then demanding people be nice and show no bias, unlike himself.

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Phelps said...

It was bad design. He tried to Wile E Coyote it when he should have went with the tried and true black powder, pipe and fittings, and slow match. Less than $100 in cash at Walmart and Home Depot and he would have been home free.