Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I've known gunsmiths who felt like saying this

I cannot remember where I read about it, but one gunsmith said a guy came in the front door with
A: A box in his hands,
B: A seriously pissed-off expression,
C: A guy following him with a very sad look.
Guy put the box on the counter and said "This needs to be put back together." Then reached back, grabbed the other guy by the shirt and yanked him up to the counter and added "My brother-in-law will be paying the bill."


Anonymous said...

I have a BIL very like that. He is not allowed even to look closely at my firearms, let alone touch one.

Gerry N.

curtislowe said...

My gunsmith calls them "Brown Baggers" He gets about one a month that comes in with variouys parts in a brown paper bag...