Sunday, May 02, 2010

"If I could live like the famouse environmentalists"

Well, I'd have multiple airplanes and a new mansion by the sea and be part of interesting carbon deals and still claim virtue.

Oh, and all the people who, a couple of years ago, who were saying "If California left all you red-state hicks, you'd starve!", should have considered just what their enviroweenie friends were doing to agriculture in that state; it ain't pretty.
Instead of pink blossoms and green shoots along Highway 5 in April, vast spans from Bakersfield to Fresno sit bone-dry. Brown grass, dead orchards and lifeless grapevine skeletons stretch for miles for lack of water. For every fallow field, there's a sign that farmers have placed alongside the highway: "No Water = No Food," "No Water = No Jobs," "Congress Created Dust Bowl."

Locals say it's been like this for two years now, as Congress and bureaucrats cite "drought," "global warming" and "endangered species" to deny water to this $37 billion breadbasket through arbitrary "environmental" quotas.

Showalter reports, almost unbelievably: "Whatever the excuse, 75% of the fresh water that has historically irrigated California is now being washed to the open sea. For farmers in the southwest part of the valley, last year's cutoff amounted to 90%."

In short, there's something funny about California's dust bowl. It is man-made and has been brought to California farmers courtesy of the government.

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Mrs. Widget said...

The farming part of California is a desert. The government is not creating a dustbowl, the government created the irrigation and now it is returning to its original status.