Sunday, May 02, 2010

All kinds of stuff out there this morning

Like a new book about Obama and his ties to a bunch of, let us say 'unsavory' characters. Unless you consider communists and terrorists savory.

Like various levels of bullcrap being handed out in schools:
The Dean of Students responded that the teacher admitted that she has been distributing handouts all year without required pre-approval from the head of the social studies department. She has been giving these out to all of her classes, not just the AP class. She has always collected the handouts at the end of the class period and has never allowed the handouts to be taken home.
But hey, it was just a 'misunderstanding' of things, yeah. Right.

What? Schoolbus Nagin has responsibility in how screwed up New Orleans is? Whoda thunk it...(except everyone who was pointing out what a jerk he is years ago, but who listens to them?)

The National Socialist Democrats are pushing a national ID card again, supposedly as part of 'immigration reform'.
...The national ID program would be titled the Believe System, an acronym for Biometric Enrollment, Locally stored Information and Electronic Verification of Employment.

It would require all workers across the nation to carry a card with a digital encryption key that would have to match work authorization databases
Uh, excuse me? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Sen. Turban Durbin right in the middle of this:
“The biometric identification card is a critical element here,” Durbin said. “For a long time it was resisted by many groups, but now we live in a world where we take off our shoes at the airport and pull out our identification.

“People understand that in this vulnerable world, we have to be able to present identification,” Durbin added. “We want it to be reliable, and I think that’s going to help us in this debate on immigration.”

I understand that you bastards want control over our lives, and this card is part of that, so screw you, Durbin.

Ever notice how often these leftist protests turn into property damage? And how often the major media downplays it?

The feds knew of the possibility of real trouble from the oil platform explosion right away, but it took so long to act? Wonderful.

This kind of wording isn't just annoying, it's either stupid or Napolitano playing games:

Janet Napolitano, the US Secretary of Homeland Security, said today that the unexploded car bomb found in Times Square in New York late yesterday appeared to be an “amateurish” terrorism attempt.

First, this 'amateurish' crap is getting very old; had the thing detonated properly it'd be a 'devastating' bomb. Big thing, though, is the 'attempt'. This was not an 'attempt', it was an attack; we're just lucky that it didn't detonate properly, and I wish they'd stop playing word games.

And, totally unrelated to news, there's this thing that arrived in the back yard the other day,
currently classed as Security Staff(trainee). No telling what all's in the mix, but it is an interesting-looking little beast.


Fire said...

I love him already! Very adorable.

Windy Wilson said...

Well, aside from the cute pooch which will probably be a lot of fun, this all fails Joe Huffman's "Jews in the Attic" test, and Anne Frank is weeping.