Sunday, May 02, 2010

One of the things the British police do

instead of doing something:
A pensioner who put up a red, white and blue election poster telling voters to kick out MPs was accused of racism by police.

After being inundated by canvassing politcians, Roy Newman, 74, decided to tell other voters: ‘GET THE LOT OUT.’

But 90 minutes after he put up the homemade sign up in an upstairs room at his house, two police officers arrived and threatened with arrest.

They said the Union Jack-coloured lettering on a white background could be considered 'racist'.

He was told there had been a single complaint and he was ordered to remove it or change it otherwise he would end up in court
Here's the bullshit from the police:
A spokeswoman for South Yorkshire Police said : ‘Officers responded to a call from a complainant who had seen the sign and interpreted it as being racist.

‘Given this sign was displayed publicly and seemed to be causing offence we did see fit to attend the address.
Note that, apparently, all it takes is one jerk to decide "I am OFFENDED!" and someone gets threatened with arrest. What (formerly Great)Britain has come to.
‘Officers spoke to Mr Newman and were told that his words referred to councillors and MPs. WE advised him that the wording could be changed to make that fact more clear.

‘Following the officers' visit the complainant was contacted by us and the meaning of the sign was explained . They said that they were no longer offended and were happy to let the matter rest.

‘It is unlikely that any further action will be taken.’

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Keith said...

The Peoples Republic of South Yorkshire. 'nough said.

Windy Wilson said...

When freedom of speech gives way to freedom from offensive sights and sounds, we are all at the mercy of whatever madman gets the ear of the authorities first.