Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Well, hell

The South Koreans are all but saying "The Norks sunk our warship", at the same time Britain's Labor Party is doing everything it can to wreck the British Navy. And the Scouts are- well, go read.

And Sondra found this picture:
We OWE you, you bastards? You'll shoot more cops until you get free WHAT, you miserable little canker on the ass of a diseased baboon? How about a free load of buckshot when you try? 00, very good stuff?

Sooner or later these assclowns are going to blow things up entirely, then scream and moan and bitch when the payback happens.


Keith said...

British general election tomorrow.

Looks like heading for a hung parliament and govt of national screwity:

To fail to cut the overbloated public sector that is the cause of the problem, and tax f**k out of the buggers who aren't part of the mandarin class.

I've spoken to a couple of Brits who are so sick of the 3 established parties they're going to vote BNP.

I tried to tell them that the BNP are almost as bad as Marxists, but, well they're their own votes, to use or spoil as they please.

Time to plant some potatoes and beans me thinks...

Titan Mk6B said...

If I saw someone carrying that sign it would be extremely hard for me not to engage that person in some way. I doubt that it would be pleasant for either of us.