Wednesday, May 05, 2010

But at least they got to wear their ninja suits

and break down doors and shoot a couple of dogs, right?

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Keith said...

When the "troubles" were on in Northern Ireland, blatant violence such as that were seen as breeding further alienation.

That may well have been part of the aim of the Brits, to perpetuate the conflict and hence their justification for being there and the wages of the dodgy characters who were employed there.

That is where the simillarities stop. Northern Ireland was a civil war. A new iteration of the IRA was mobilising and organizing behind the late 60s civil rights movement, and the "loyalists" (loyal only to their own idiocy and dependance on having jobs and status provided to them) were burning out whole streets in Catholic areas of town (eg Bombay Street).

That Video shows state violence for the sake of it (what is a state, but the boundary within which one group tries to exercise a monopoly of violence?).

Northern Ireland shows what happens when enough people become alienated by that state violence.

British Election today: I just hope that those threatening to vote BNP don't go through with it.