Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Well now, that IS a good question

Why are warmists incompetent at Arctic exploration?

Last week Tom Smitheringale became the latest global warming alarmist to need rescuing from his own foolishness. His attempt to reach the North pole was, of course, to ‘bring attention’ to the issue of ‘climate change’
followed by a listing of some others, and then this:
Compare all those incompetent warmists with the British couple that walked to the arctic unsupported to raise funds for injured war veterans. No eco-ego trip and no rescue required.

Or the ex-Royal Marine that flew his 9-year old to meet him at the Pole after successfully guiding a group of Chinese business-people to the top of the planet. No eco-ego trip and no rescue required.

In fact, getting to the Pole isn’t hard at all. You can book your own adventure right here. Top Gear famously drove it.

So why do only warmists always need rescuing?

Could it be that because successful trips over the Arctic are so commonplace that ‘dramatic’ rescues are the only way to get the headlines they crave? Say it ain’t so


BobG said...

Have you ever seen a liberal yet with enough common sense to execute a plan without mucking it up and needing someone to pull their chestnuts out of the fire?

Firehand said...

Well, it could just be that; it's just that you'd think even a AGW nutcase would be prepared for real, y'know, COLD going into the Arctic.

Keith said...

Any eaten by those nice, cuddly, err, no where near extinct polar bears yet?

BobG said...

But it's not really cold in the Arctic; that's just what the AGW deniers are telling everyone, just ask Al Gore...