Saturday, May 01, 2010

New Point Knives: for those who can't be trusted with a point*

Kitchen knives without points, because you people can't be trusted with pointy ones.

Ignore the fact that you could slice somebody open, or cut a throat with them; nevermind that a few minutes with a grinder would point them; and COMPLETELY DISREGARD the fact that a kitchen knife with no point can be a first-class pain in the ass for some cooking chores. None of that matters, because these are 'safer'. Oh, they allow you to have a teeny little point, they'll trust you that much, but a real POINT? Forget it.

Perhaps in time the long pointed kitchen knife will be relegated to the history books...
says Dr. Beckett; to which I say "Screw you, doc. I use the points on my kitchen knives, thank you very much.

Formerly Great Britain: where the next bright idea will probably be a button-tipped bayonet so as not to cause horrible injuries to the enemy.

Found at Uncle's place

*Which, from the endorsements, would be everybody


Noddy said...

Those knives have points, they're just weirdly awkward looking and it wouldn't take much to snap the round bits off. Still the knives look unwieldy and awkward to use. I'm sticking with REAL kitchen knives, ones that are sharp and pointy, with cleavers that'll shear bone in one whack.

Arthur said...

"a few minutes with a grinder"

Or slightly longer against a concrete sidewalk.

newpoint said...

I think you guys are missing the point (sorry). These knives are mostly intended for young families. However I've had numerous enquiries from people who look after the elderly or have family members with specific behavioural problems. We've also sold many to shops and factories where safety is very important. Schools are also replacing their standard knives with them. It’s not intended to cure knife crime because it obviously can't. However it can help to reduce potentially lethal puncture injuries. By the way, try watching 20 cookery programs and check how many times the chef's need to pierce anything by more than 1/2".

Firehand said...

If someone wishes to buy knives with no real point for whatever reason, doesn't bother me at all; when the authorities are pushing for people to not be allowed to buy knives with real points, that bothers me a LOT.

And frankly, I don't care what the chef's do; I like having blades with a useful point for a variety of reasons.