Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lots of painting this weekend

Doorframe and truck.

Frame because whoever painted it before I bought the place didn't prime first, and the paint was faded and peeling. So a quart can of primer and a quart of suitable paint(damn, that's stuff's expensive!), and spend parts of the last couple of days scraping, then priming, then two coats of paint. It looks much better now

Truck, because about three weeks ago someone scraped the right side of the bed. Not horribly, but bad enough. I got the worst of the dents smoothed out reasonably well, and today got a bottle of rubbing compound and a can of paint. Happily, you can get a can of spray(as well as a bottle of touch-up) that matches the original. So a little sanding, then the rubbing compound, clean that off and hit where needed with some very fine wet/dry paper(wet, of course), clean that off, and paint. Right now it's got three light coats and looks pretty good. Tomorrow I'll decide if it needs a very light polishing with the compound, and either way give it one more coat(maybe two), then after that's well-dried I've got some clearcoat left over from son working on his truck.

Down the road, I may do the whole 'body hammers and anvils' job, but right now, unless you actually look, the only thing that stands out is how much cleaner that area is than the rest of it.

Maybe give it a bath, too, next couple of days.

Speaking of son, he's still up in northern Iraq. Currently out of touch, they're off somewhere doing something, and the somewhere doesn't have net access. I should note, he said that during the last election they had exactly one fatality: an old man, after voting, had a heart attack while leaving the polling place.

By the way, I've mentioned this before, but do you ever reflect on how things have changed in communications? WWII, you were lucky to get a letter once in a while, pretty much the same up through the First Battle of Iraq; now, unless they're out in the boonies somewhere you can send e-mail, and occasionally get a phone call from them. Better Living Through Electronics.

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