Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One more story of the wonderful British National De- uh, Health System

If you can stomach reading all of it.


Mattexian said...

Now I can see why the Brit's have practically banned all the guns, wouldn't want someone in a righteous rage to shoot the bastids responsible for this, from the top all the way down to "I was just following orders."

Firehand said...

There has GOT to be a lot of people, after having suffered- or friend or relative suffered- through this shit, who are ready to start the hangings.

Keith said...

I'm more and more out of touch with that place.

In the past (maybe still) their general view was very pro NHS, the politicians get the blame for under funding it.

I'm not sure whether more people are starting to question the whole edifice yet and realize that the funding is their money.

we can hope that as more Brits start to get their news from blogs, they may start questioning the 1947 - 48 socialist eff-ups and Ponzi scams.

I'm not holding my breath