Saturday, May 01, 2010

Sen. Chris Dodd(Corrupt National Socialist Democrat-CN*)

really is a slimy little bastard.
Senator Christopher Dodd (D-Conn) is at the center of negotiations shaping a bill that he promises will add transparency to the complicated, furtive world of financial derivatives, but he cannot remember how much he paid for his house on 10 waterfront acres in Ireland. No wonder confidence in government’s competence continues to erode.

Dodd’s office told me early last year that he paid $127,000 in 2002 for his co-owner’s 2/3 interest in a house on 10 waterfront acres on the island of Inishnee in a tony region of western Ireland. The next month he told reporters at The Hartford Courant that since he’d also paid off his co-owner’s portion of their joint mortgage on the property, he really paid about $50,000 more than what he’d said.

A month after that revision, Dodd told Newsweek that he’d paid $207,000 for the 2/3 interest in the property that he’d purchased with a Kansas City real estate developer William Kessinger in 1994. The 5 term senator provided no details on what sort of Jethro Bodine ciphering he did to get that number.

None of those figures matches the amount Dodd reported to Irish authorities when he purchased Kessinger’s interest in the property
And on and on, including
That lucrative 2002 transaction came the year after Dodd wangled a full presidential pardon from Bill Clinton on his last day in office for Dodd’s friend and Kessinger’s business partner, New York boulevardier and convicted inside trader Edward Downe. Downe had introduced Dodd and Kessinger, and served as a witness on the deed conveying Kessinger’s 2/3 interest to Dodd for far less than its value. In the 1980s, Downe subsidized and c0-owned a Washington condominium with Dodd until the investigation of Downe’s insider trading began to get hot.
But we're supposed to trust this Friend of Angelo to regulate the financial world. Uh huh. Talk about a rabid fox in the henhouse.

*Talk about repeating yourself...

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