Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ref the 'get home' bag

I set ten miles as a max distance; like I said, you're out running errands/at the store/whatever and find yourself in a situation where you have to walk home, so what basics would you like to have along?

In the event of some type of disaster, might take quite a while longer to walk in than in normal conditions, so some water would be good. Spring/summer you could have warm to hot weather(water good) with a chance of rain. So I've got two bottles, and a poncho. I've almost always got a hat with me or in the truck, if I didn't I'd throw one in; sun out of my eyes and rain off my glasses.

I've got a MRE for food, or just some jerky or trail mix or whatever would probably do; something to munch on if the walk takes a while, or weather or other conditions cause you to decide to find a spot to hole up for a while.

Tam brought up 550 cord, a lighter and Charmin, all good thoughts. Strong cord can come in useful for all kinds of things, some way of starting a fire(just in case), and for either needing to blow your nose or wipe the backside the tp would be very nice. I think I've got a handful of those little packs they put in MREs, I need to throw a couple in. There's a box of kleenex in the truck, if had to could stuff a handful in.

A knife? You don't carry one? If you don't, or work won't allow or something, put one in.

A while back that horrible place Sportsman's Guide(damn them!) had some British web gear on sale and I picked up a set: shoulder straps and web belt, two magazine pouches in front, two cargo pouches in back. The ammo pouches hold water bottles, the cargo pouches the rest(and the stuff I'll add in after this). Bad part: it stands out more than a backpack would. Good part: better balanced than a pack.



Arthur said...

I keep my standard "let the suck begin" pack in a 50 cal ammo can. It keeps the contents from getting destroyed while kicking around in the back of my jeep, and might even survive a car crash.

I really second the 550 paracord recommendation. I use that stuff for everything.

GuardDuck said...

Water, food, shelter, medical, tools, and defense.

Some water bottles, some MRE type stuff, a poncho and liner sounds good.

A small first aid kit - a supply of any meds you may need.

Knife and/or multi tool and some 550 cord plus some 100mph tape. Fire - matches, lighter etc.

Pistola you already carry.

Something to carry it all in - the ammo can is good protection but isn't easily packable. Web gear works, I've used it as light load carrying gear before. If it's got a belt you could add a butt pack for some extra capacity.

I'd also add some foot gear and clothing - you may find the need to exfil when wearing clothing and shoes inappropriate for a trek.

You could add a water purification straw to ensure safe water access.

Water is more important than food. Keeping dry is the key to keeping warm. Your feet are the key to your mobility.

Noddy said...

Knowing you, add some naproxen or Tylenol or something, and one of those rain ponchos. And a cell phone with my number and your daughter's in it, maybe some other friends, because you know short of the apocalypse, one of us would go get you.

Firehand said...

Extra foot gear I hadn't thought of. There's a small first-aid kit in the truck always, separate from the GHB, small enough to tie on.

Unless I forget it the cell is always there; napro or Tylenol not a bad idea to add in to the kit.

Got some light rope in the truck always, along with tie-downs, but need to cut a couple of rolls of 550 and add it in.

MauserMedic said...

Buy one of the large ALICE packs with frame if you don't have one. They're good packs, at a very low price.

Firehand said...

I've got one; that's my BUB. Lots of space, lots of pockets.

Firehand said...

Though some straps with better padding might be nice

Firehand said...

Crap, I can't spell tonight: BOB

GuardDuck said...

I picked up an improved strap setup for my old ruck - had better padding, kidney belt, quick release sternum strap. Also a fastex retro-fit for the pocket buttons. Was a pretty neat get up.

Was years ago and can't remember where I got it all.

Quartermaster, Ranger Joes, someplace like that probably.