Friday, April 30, 2010

Well, we have one more celebutard to put up with

Latina pop star Shakira condemned Arizona's new law targeting illegal immigration, saying it promotes discrimination and robs Latinos of human dignity.

Visiting Phoenix City Hall on Thursday, the Colombian-born entertainer told more than 100 members of the media: "I'm in opposition to this law because it is a violation of human and civil rights. It goes against all human dignity, against the principles of most Americans I know.

"As a person and Latina
(gee, who knew latinas were not persons?) who believes in equal opportunities and who believes that this country has values that I have always admired and defended," she added, "I'm worried about the impact that implementation of this law will have on hard working Latinos."
Well, dumbass, we're worried about the impact of illegal aliens on this country. So go sing and shimmy, and stay the hell out of our politics. Which you admit you don't know crap about.

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