Monday, April 26, 2010

Few years back, somebody said "The next time I hear some adult speak of 'The Wisdom of Children',

I'm going to beat him with a fencepost." Or maybe it was a bat? Anyway, here's a journalist named Andrew Revkin who works for(who else?) the NYEffin' Times who needs the cluebat. And the arrogant little bastard he's pimping needs a kick in the ass, too.

From the kid:
When he was just 12-years-old, Alec Loorz founded Kids Versus Global Warming, because he was feeling the weight of the situation and sensed he could make a difference. “I just felt this sense of calling, that I was called to do something about this crisis. That I was being called to stop global warming within my lifetime.”
There's the next Obama for you.

Then we have the dirtbag Revkin:
“I’ve begun focusing on younger audiences for many reasons, one being a growing realization that many adults I’ve met in 20 years of covering global warming have been locked into rigid views of the world that distort how they absorb what scientists are saying,” Revkin said. “To me, communicating to young people simply raises the odds that information about the environment and humanity’s role in shaping it – for better or worse – gets to where it’s most likely to be put to good use.”
And, as Blair puts it, Also, kids are easier to scare.


MauserMedic said...

That "rigid thinking" adults have is often caused by conditions known as skepticism and logic; these conditions have also caused many sufferers to cease believing in the Boogey Man, Santa Claus, and the Free Lunch. Fortunately for the author, many liberals are completely immune.

kahr40 said...

easier to con, easier to brainwash, easier to...

Keith said...

What Mauser Medic and Kahr40 said!

Also see the various collectivist ideologies on the "wisdom of youth"