Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ok, here's a question

Not a full bugout bag but a 'get home bag'. As in, say, you're up to ten miles from home and something happens; terrorist attack, weather disaster, quake, whatever. And you have to walk home.

For the moment let's say this time of year: cool to warm weather, chance of rain.

Aside from your sidearm(if you're in a place that remembers this is America) that should always be with you, what would you want to have in a bag to help you get home?


GuardDuck said...

I don't think it'd be any different than your normal BoB. In an emergency or disaster situation, a ten mile walk that would take a few hours in normal circumstances could take a day or two.

The road network can be overwhelmed, bridges out, landslides, gas or chemical leaks. All could throw you into a long and roundabout detour.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing like that in a ten mile radius from my place. On the other hand, in my current physical condition what with arthritis and spine problems I'd pretty much have to crawl the last 9 7/8 miles. I do keep two shiny new sawbucks under the pictures in my wallet as well as a Swiss Army Knife in my front pocket and a Leatherman tool on my belt. I could most likely finagle a ride.

Gerry N.

Tam said...

My purse always has matches, a couple lighters, a SAK & multitool, 50' of paracord, and Charmin.

Hey, you never know when you might need this stuff.

Keith said...

I'm looking at getting a kelly kettle for the car.

I went on an unplanned long walk a few days ago, and something lighter to carry than a water bottle, but allowing water from a clean stream or pool to be boiled in a few minutes would be handy.

Also a couple of cheap cigarette lighters, and a bit of tyre inner tube that has been tested for effectiveness before hand as a fire lighter.

I've just been using the tweezers on my swiss army knife to twist little ticks out of my leg (picked them up in the woods 2 nights ago, and didn't see them 'til this morning - damned CFL lights and aging eyesight!

I always keep a high viz vest or 3 in the car and a couple of high viz coats. very useful if you have to change a wheel on the side of the road, or come onto an accident.

BobG said...

I always keep a small survival kit in my vehicle that I put together. It has enough to survive in urban or wilderness areas for a couple of days.

Firehand said...

Tweezers, in the med kit; that's a damned good idea, one of the sets with a magnifier.

One reason I chose about ten miles was one day, coming home from visiting some people, I thought "From about here on, in the event of some bleeping disaster, I'd have to walk home as best I could; do I have enough necessary crap with me?" More than ten, I'd want a bigger bag of stuff.

MauserMedic said...

One or two MREs; you can eat them cold, although most have heaters now.