Monday, April 20, 2009

Range day: Oh my, oh my....

I think I need my pipe.

Took the K-22 Target Masterpiece to the range. First shooting off a solid rest to check the sites, which I had to lower a bit; windage was dead-on. I'll just say that what it proved capable of took away any excuse I might try for misses. As in, at 25 yards, no groups larger than 2". On an indoor range that needs some lights replaced. With me shooting it, using Federal Champion ammo.

The trigger on this thing is wonderful; light, clean, with no perceptible motion on the break. Double-action, about as smooth and clean as you could hope for. It's one of those things you look back and think "Damn, I'm glad I went ahead and bought it!"

Got a comment on the post telling about it from Carteach0, "My local shop has both the target and combat versions of the K-22 in the case..... $750 each, and in nice shape." After I woke up the other morning and before I had to rush back to work, I did a little searching on GunBroker and GunsAmerica to look at prices, and I got a very good price on this. Which makes it an even happier buy.

I've got the Standard S&W book on reserve from the library, when it comes in I'll check the date of manufacture. Just guessing from what I remember, probably 1951, maybe 1950. In any case, a wonderful pistol.

I'll throw in, asked the guy if he'd ever heard of a K-22 Combat Masterpiece being made with a round butt. He thought a moment, then said "No, but I've learned that every time I say "They never made something", somebody'll show up with one." Someday I may write to S&W for the history on the Combat, find out if the round butt was a special piece of some kind, or if a previous owner took it to the gunsmith. Not that I really care, but would be nice to know.

Next time my ammo supplier(somehow, that just sounds wrong, you know?) is at a show, I need to get another case of .22.


Jason said...

Glad to hear that is shot as well as it looks! Have fun with that great Smith!! I am looking forward to seeing what you get back if you ever letter that Smith!

Fire said...

Kind of orgasmic, huh?