Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On the subject of cowardly politicians and gun bigots,

I give you Gov. Ed Rendell(GFW Democrat-PA):
Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is at it again. When last I wrote about him, he was spewing lies and calling for the renewal of the debunked and failed "Assault Weapons Ban." After that rant, he debated NRA vice president Wayne LaPierre on CBS's "Face the Nation". Now, he's taken his message to MSNBC's Morning Joe show, this time calling the NRA a "paper tiger".

He again called for the AWB to be reinstated and railed against standard capacity magazines, which hold more than ten rounds. He also claimed that "one-gun-a month" restrictions needed to be enacted in order to "prevent people from legally buying boxes of guns and turning around and selling them at big profits to criminals." Does he really expect people to believe that making it illegal to buy more than one gun a month will stop people from selling guns to criminals, which is already against the law? NRA Board Member Scott Bach once noted that "rationing gun sales to law abiding citizens is about as effective at reducing crime as rationing alcohol to responsible drinkers is at reducing drunk driving accidents." Yet still Rendell persists.

He's now claiming that it isn't the "powerful gun lobby" that is stopping further gun control from being enacted, but simply that congress is too busy right now. Though, he does note that it is also "too divisive an issue."
It should be noted that when someone like Rendell says 'too divisive', it means "People will have fits and tell their congresscritter just exactly what they think about it, and it won't happen. And if it does, said critters will find their ass kicked out of that office."

Here's the gold:
Rendell posits that if there was a "secret ballot" cast, his gun control schemes would easily pass congress.
Translation: "I want a secret ballot on this, so people won't know, or won't be able to prove, how their Rep. or Senator voted on this, so Pres. B. Cartman Obama & Co. can pressure them to vote how he wants without having to face the people back home on how they voted."
Which means 'cowardly politicians who want to run our lives don't want exactly what they do to be public knowledge; they might get kicked out of that chair'.

He is right on that; there's a number of people in DC who would vote for all kinds of statist crap if they could keep their votes hidden. Which is why we can never allow such a thing to happen.

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