Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Roundup before I head out to take care of business

Like a NSA wiretap recording being released to the media; violation of all kinds of things, but it's to hit at a pro-Israeli Representative who Pres. B. Cartman Obama is mad at, so will any of the usual shreikers pay any attention?
Before we get to the content of the wiretap, all you ACLU types should be hitting the ceiling in rage. Because NSA wiretaps are the most carefully protected, super-secret operations carried on by the Federal government. Even during the Bush Administration, when the CIA carried on an unconcealed war on the Bush policy in the War on Terror through selective and politically damaging leaks to the New York Times, no wiretap recordings were released. Wiretaps of Members of Congress are even more sensitive, especially prominent Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee.

How those wonderful bastions of free thought like USC deal with a problem: lie.

More notes on the ammo shortage, which will probably continue since Obama & Co. keep letting the truth slip about wanting an 'assault weapons' ban, and pushing the Mexican Gun Lie.
And, as Pistolero notes, there are idiot politicians in Texas, too:

Rep. Al Green, D-Houston:

“I support the elimination of illegal gun running across the US-Mexico border because too many illegal guns are being used to commit heinous crimes along our southern border. There should not be any illegal guns crossing the US-Mexico border from either country. I support the Second Amendment right of the people to bear arms, including handguns, hunting rifles, as well as other arms; however, I believe that some arms such as RPG’s (rocket-propelled grenades), hand-held rocket launchers (bazookas), and warfare rifle-type assault weapons can and should be subjected to regulation and prohibition.”

It has to be said: if this idiot is so out-of-touch that he believes you can walk into a gun shop and pick up an RPG or a select-fire weapon, then he's too damn stupid to be out in public without a leash to keep him from running into traffic. Texans, take note of what you put into office.

And, in a caution that someone with three working brain cells should already understand, "Don't own pets that can eat you."


martywd said...

"Texans, take note of what you put into office."From Wikipedia: Green won the Democratic primary for District 9 in Houston on March 9, 2004, a district that is largely Democratic with 37 percent of its population African American and 31 percent Hispanic.I suppose this make me a racist?

martywd said...

On a side note.   The comment above was formated in three separate paragraphs which appeared as expected when clicking the 'Preview' button.   Not sure why it got all run together after hitting 'Publish Your Comment'?

Fire said...

Owning pets that can eat you is bad. Very, very bad.

oldblinddog said...

I was just going to point out that the dimwit was from Houston and leave it at that, but martywd did it better!

One of the reasons I no longer live in that hell hole!

tom said...

In my opinion, THAT district IS NOT PART OF TEXAS.

In MY district of residence, we actually are working collaboratively with the county government to build a world class shooting sports facility for the public.

If any other Texans, or anybody else for that matter, are interested, you can read about our efforts here. Just thought some of y'all might not know. This is not a solicitation for help although the more the merrier in the land of the III.