Saturday, April 25, 2009

My label of 'Socialist Crapweasels' needs a subheading

for 'Miserable God-Cursed Sons of Bitches'.
They were ready to lay down their lives for Britain - and have been rewarded with an act of treachery.

Thousands of Gurkhas were yesterday shut out of the UK in what was described as 'shameful betrayal' by the Government.

Immigration Minister Phil Woolas claimed changes in the rules would allow 4,300 more former Gurkhas to settle here out of the 36,000 who served in the British Army before July 1997
Under the new rules, former Gurkhas must prove they have either served more than 20 years or have won one of the top four medals for gallantry: the Victoria Cross; the Distinguished Service Order; the Distinguished Conduct Medal; or the Military Cross.

They can also claim residency if they can prove they have lived in Britain legally for a minimum of three years, have close family ties or have a chronic medical condition which was caused or aggravated by their Army service.
Campaigners said it was virtually impossible for ordinary Gurkhas to meet those conditions.

To get the full flavor of just how the Brit government is crapping on these men, you really should read the whole damn thing.
Iraq hero Colonel Tim Collins said: 'Those who have no love for this country are all too often allowed in, while those who have fought long and hard are left out in the cold.

'It's laughable that the Immigration Minister is so concerned by the numbers when the Gurkhas who could make their home here is equal to the number of illegal immigrants who enter on a quarterly basis.

'The key ingredient that this Government is missing is integrity.'

We know the feeling, sir.

As to those who doesn't qualify to live in Britain under these rules, let's give an example:
Birendra Man Shrestha was sent to Iraq in Operation Desert Storm in 1991, when his first child was only three months old.

He served with the Gurkha Ambulance Squadron and when two British soldiers were critically injured by a series of Iraqi bomb blasts, he raced to their side, bandaged their wounds and drove them to the field hospital.

He then drove across a minefield to try to save nine others.

He was decorated three times for his bravery during the Gulf War but - like thousands of other Gurkha veterans - his medals are not of the elite level demanded under the new Home Office immigration policy
But according to the politicians who'll kiss the ass of islamists and illegal aliens, he's not 'qualified' to live in Britain.

Lampposts, ropes, politicians...


Mattexian said...

I'd be proud to have a Gurkha live next door to me, but I'm in Texas, his big honkin' knife would fit right in with our Bowies!

WV: wakenes-- hmm, what the British people are doing?

curly15 said...

Yup, another bad day at the office.