Wednesday, November 25, 2009

To every clown in the major media giving a tender ear to Elliot Spitzer,

where were you when he was flatly breaking the law? Oh, that's right, you were ignoring it as much as possible, you bastards.
Former acting State Police Superintendent Preston Felton admitted breaking state law in connection with the Dirty Tricks scandal involving Eliot Spitzer's use of the state police against a political foe, public-integrity officials said yesterday.

The decision from the Public Integrity Commission closes an outstanding chapter of the "Troopergate" scandal, which was the beginning of the end for then-Gov. Spitzer
This should have been The End for Spitzer; this was a gross abuse of power and violation of law. He, as well as every other boob involved, should have been fired from their position and prosecuted for this.

Of course, as long as the target is the correct type, an awful lot of the media and politicians don't mind privacy and other laws being violated(see 'Joe the plumber'); instead they'll make excuses for the criminal acts.

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curtislowe said...

Yep, Spitzer and Captain Zero are using the same class warfare page in the socialist playbook...Demonize the big bad insurance companies because they make those evil, nasty profits.