Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More on the British 'Justice' System

Police are routinely arresting people simply to record their DNA profiles on the national database, according to a report published today.
Jonathan Montgomery, commission chairman, said that “function creep” over the years had transformed a database of offenders into one of suspects. Almost one million innocent people are now on the DNA database.
Well, isn't THAT just freakin' wonderful?
Professor Montgomery said there was some evidence that people were arrested to retain the DNA information even though they might not have been arrested in other circumstance.

He said that a retired senior police officer told the commission: “It is now the norm to arrest offenders for everything if there is a power to do so. It is apparently understood by serving police officers that one of the reasons . . . is so that DNA can be obtained.” He said that the tradition of only arresting someone when dealing with serious offences had collapsed.
And, just to make this even more fun,
The report’s foreword states that the DNA profiles of 75 per cent of black men aged 18 to 35 are recorded. But the commission admitted that it had “hardened up slightly” earlier estimates quoted in Parliament.

So, along with self-defense and looking sideways at a muslim and such, police in formerly Great Britain can arrest you just so they can force you to give a DNA sample.

Again, until there's a revolution over there, I never want to hear of the Brit 'Justice' System without scare quotes or suitable derision.

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Anonymous said...

Thus falls the Once-Great Britain. Not with a bang, but a whimper.
Let us pray that we do NOT follow the same path.

B Woodman