Monday, November 23, 2009

Some thoughts on the current almost-nonexistant hurrican season

in the Atlantic.
LA Times today: Atlantic hurricane season appears over -- to some. I love the ominousness of the last two words.
"The hurricane season goes until Nov. 30. Each day we get closer to that, it looks better and better that we won't see any more tropical activity," said center spokesman Dennis Feltgen. "But don't raid the hurricane kit yet."
Because El Niño has created strong wind shear over the tropics, "the odds of a storm are very, very small from this point on," said Gray, who closed the book on the 2009 season Thursday.

But was it El Niño - or something else...

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Keith said...

We've been getting some pretty good floods this side of the pond.

Try googling "Cockermouth floods"

I was talking to a guy in a cafe here in Ireland today - he was wearing chest waders, he needs them to get to his house in the middle of a town. Apparently it is the worst flooding since 1947 - no hocky stick there anyway!