Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The most recent bow by The Obama brought a story to mind

Early 1900's, the various ambassadors of Europe arrived at the court of the Ottoman Empire to meet with the bigshot, and found a change: a structure had been built across the pathway that was so low, the only way to approach was to go to hands and knees and crawl through.

Various people unhappily got down and crawled through, then came the British Ambassador, a rather stout gentleman. He looked at it, turned around, got on hands and knees and backed through, stood up, then turned around and approached the throne. Thus giving the bigshot a 'bow' he'd never forget, and demonstrating that the Brits wouldn't follow the script.

That's what an ambassador of Britain did; and what do we have? A president who bows to kings, emperors and high Communist Party officials. That's not an advance, folks.

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Keith said...


Get thine eyes around some of this AGW gloular warming scandal stuff.

It makes the dossier on Sadam's nuclear capability look respectable!