Monday, November 23, 2009

Ok, just how effing stupid do you have to be

to not only get rid of a bunch of documents of this sort, but to just throw them in a dumpster? When you know people are watching you? What, you morons couldn't find an incinerator or fireplace or something?


Anonymous said...

Remember, these clowns have been shielded by the mainslime media, the DNC and the Obamunist administration so long they have it ingrained in their core being that they are bullet proof and immortal.

That and they're collectively as stupid as a hemlock stump.

Gerry N.

Terrapod said...

Just be thankful most criminals are just plain dumb, it makes the plod's job a little easier and in this case, gives us a front seat bonanza to corruption that reaches to the White House. See the speech given by O to Acorn in Chicago from his senator days (and they are just days).