Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ah yes, the trustworthy BBC

The controversy surrounding the global warming scandal today deepened after a BBC correspondent admitted he was sent the leaked emails more than a month before they were made public.

Paul Hudson, weather presenter and climate change expert, claims the documents allegedly sent between some of the world's leading scientists are of a direct result of an article he wrote.

In his BBC blog two days ago, Hudson said: 'I was forwarded the chain of emails on the 12th October, which are comments from some of the world's leading climate scientists written as a direct result of my article "Whatever Happened To Global Warming".'

That essay, written last month, argued that for the last 11 years there had not been an increase in global temperatures.
The emails apparently show researchers discussing how to 'spin' climate data and how that information should be presented to the media.

In his blog for BBC Look North, Hudson added: 'The emails released on the internet as a result of CRU being hacked into are identical to the ones I was forwarded and read at the time and so, as far as l can see, they are authentic.'
He also publishes a link to the messages which global warming sceptics claim provide 'smoking gun' evidence that some scientist talked about manipulated data to support the theory that climate change is being caused by mankind.

Hudson does not explain why he sat on the controversial information for so long


Keith said...

I’m going to be leaving friendly gunny comments on some of the AGW sceptic sites, I think we have a chance to make some new friends,

afterall we are no strangers to “research” that usese carefully cherrypicked and “corrected” data sets to confirm the researcher’s prejudices.

We are also familliar with having “critical theory” used to be-little or dismiss our criticisms when we are painted by the MSM as “illiterate”, “racist”, “bitter”, “industry funded”, “mentally deficient and therefore susceptible to right wing lies” …insult de jour…

Have Fox run with the leak story yet? or are they going to show us that they are just another iteration of the MSM flock.


Keith said...


I see John Lott has run with it as an Op Ed at Fox