Thursday, November 26, 2009

Is it something trained into high-ranking officers, or

does the rank somehow attract people who like to make up "See, I'm DOING SOMETHING!!" idiot rules?
Soldiers assigned to Fort Hood will have to register their personal firearms with the director of emergency services, he added. Fort Hood is home to some 50,000 active-duty soldiers and 18,000 of the soldiers' family members.
Hell, he even admits what good this is:
But, Cone said, had the changes been in place on November 5, they might not have been enough.

"I don't think necessarily they would have had an effect on this event," he said.

Absolute effing bullcrap.

But wait! There's MORE!!
A 24-hour "behavioral health hot line" is available, and a surveillance program "to identify and monitor areas of concern" will be started soon, he said.

"These findings may lead to targeted interventions for certain populations as we address these issues," Braverman said.

Plans call for construction of an 82,000-square-foot facility in which behavioral health facilities would be consolidated, Braverman said.

Soldiers in need of care can also make appointments with their primary care providers, he said.

The objective, Braverman said, is "to restore trust and confidence in Army medicine."

Well, I've got news for you, guy; the problem was a fucking jihadi in your midst that nobody wanted to DO anything about because they were afraid of having their career ruined by you effing tolerance junkies. So until you bastards do something to make it crystal-clear that reporting a muslim working his way up to mass murder won't cause the reporting party to be screwed over YOU'RE ARRANGING THE EFFING DECK CHAIRS ON THE TITANIC.

Oh, and apparently it hasn't occurred to you geniuses that somebody who obtains a weapon for illegal purposes just- just maybe, y'know?- might not register it with you?

I don't know what to worry about the most anymore; the open enemy the son is facing, or the idiots in uniform with a lot of rank on their shoulders and the politicians they suck up to.

Despite the availability of resources, many soldiers have expressed reluctance to seek mental health care, fearing that doing so would adversely affect their careers.

"There is a perception of stigma," Cone said.

But Braverman said treatment need not hinder anyone's career.

"If you are seen in our system, while there's information in the medical records, that's not allowed to be used for any determination of security levels or future assignments," he said
Well, people finding out that the jihadi-in-training turned some of his patients in for 'war crimes' didn't exactly help, now did it?(Note to Braverman: KEEP THE DAMNED ENEMY FROM TREATING OUR TROOPS, YOU JACKASS.)

Damn. Just effing dammit.

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AmericanMercenary said...


Fort Lewis has had the "you must register your weapons" policy for as long as I have been stationed there. Didn't stop that guy from going into the PX and shooting his ex.

Paper doesn't stop bad guys.