Monday, November 02, 2009

Somebody ask Newt if this is the action

of a good Republican Party member who could have been trusted in office. And just how he feels now about having gone out on a limb for this turncoat. And just look who she's working with:
Patrick Gaspard, who has a long history of working with ACORN-affiliated organizations, was behind the scenes this weekend persuading former GOP candidate Scozzafava to endorse democrat Bill Owens in the NY-23 race.
The Washington Post reported:

And as for her "I've always been a Republican" words,
Scozzafava had already taped robocalls in support of Bill Owens by Sunday night. Her husband, a top union official, was in talks months ago with Democratic operatives about her switching parties.
Yeah, Newt, you were pushing a really good one, there.

Among the reasons I wouldn't vote for Romney is- again- that(far as I know) he's still pushing this horrible statist mess as a 'good idea conservatives should like'. His past hostility toward the 2nd is enough on its own, really; add this to it...

It must be nice not to be one of the peasants.

If I saw that coming out of the woods at night, I'd shoot it.

What was that line, 'From tiny ACORNs, mighty corruption grows'?
A City Council hopeful won’t cough up documents related to whether the Working Families Party is scamming the campaign finance system — because the case could involve “criminal liability,” according to documents released yesterday.

The bombshell development was revealed at a court hearing where lawyers for the WFP and the campaign of Staten Island candidate Debi Rose tried to get a suit against them tossed.

Former Giuliani administration Deputy Mayor Randy Mastro, the lawyer opposing the Rose campaign, called it an “extraordinary development.”

So Russia was practicing for another invasion of Poland, including nuke drills; hasn't Obama done a wonderful job with them?

Son starts leave today, so in a few days should meet the new daughter-in-law for the first time. And the lathe is acting odd, so- after some shopping and cleaning- I need to work on it. See you later.


Keith said...

The threat to Poland is all the more worrying for the MSM failing to cover it.

The "west" such as it is should be screaming blue murder at Russia and their little piss pot vassal neighbour (that still holds a chunk of Poland taken 70 years ago).

Russia should now be involved in a massive diplomatic campaign to prevent sanctions, instead, nothing.

They've just been given the go ahead for worse.

Philo said...

Gingrich is showing brightly all the things that are wrong with the Republican party. The objective is NOT to get as many (R)'s next to names in the upper and lower house as possible. The objective is to have a strong, unified party based on the simple, time honored values that this great nation was built upon.
Moving the republicans toward the center is just another way of saying making republicans more like democrats.

Haji said...

The Republican's trend toward Democrat Lite has been going on for a while now, even though the records show that it doesn't win elections. I've had it with 'em. That they don't seem to understand the Conservative movement at all, in spite of its proven ability to win elections, is testament to how weak the GOP has become. "We're not as bad as the Dems" doesn't work, and everybody except those trying to push that understands it.