Monday, November 02, 2009

Well, crap. Dead bearing on the lathe.

It's actually a bushing, but in any case it's shot. Yes, there's a place that has parts for a Sears 109 lathe. And they cost forty dollars.



Anonymous said...

if you have decent measurements, you should be able to beat that price at ant bearing outlet.

Dennis the librarian shusher

DaveH said...

South Bend used to make a lot of the Lathes that Sears sold. Grizzly Tools just bought out the rights and patterns for SB and is selling parts here:

If you can get a decent measurement (as Dennis suggested), check out if there is an Applied store near you:

Keith said...

I'm assuming that it is a plain / babbit bearing?

if it is roller, they should be widely available

Firehand said...

It's a brass collet-type bearing, threaded at the back for a nut.

From what I can find, these were made by AA, so South Bend won't have it.

Sendarius said...

Do you have a tip jar?

I figure that I have received more than $40 in value while lurking here, and would be happy to foot the bill for you.

Firehand said...

No, never set one up. I do appreciate the compliment and the offer, though.

When I can, now that it's back up, I'm going to take Og's suggestion: get a suitable piece of Oilite and make a spare.