Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Cops based near Oxford in the UK have revealed that they are unable to to use flashing blue lights on their new electric car - in case it drains too much power from the battery.
Maybe they need a squirrel in a cage hooked to a generator.


Fire said...

I think a hamster could do the trick. They're used to those damned wheels, anyway.


Bob S. said...

Think green...solar panels on the car.

They can put batteries in the back seat to be able to use the lights at night. That space isn't being used to transport anyone to jail.

markm said...

It sounds like they need to learn about LED's (less than 1/4 the power requirement). And before you ask, LED flashers are readily available - one of my customers is an ambulance manufacturer, and they've nearly entirely converted all the blinking lights to LED's. It was cheaper than upgrading the truck alternators for over 200 Amps.