Sunday, November 01, 2009

Among other things, we have a preview

of government-run health care:
Major Diana Haynie, a spokesman for the Joint Task Force at Gitmo, explained the decision this way.
"Detainees at JTF Guantanamo are considered to be at higher risk and therefore they will be offered the H1N1 vaccination."

Really? Higher risk than who? Pregnant women are six times more likely than others to have a fatal bout of swine flu -- and yet some of them have been unable to get a shot. The shortage is so severe that state and local health officials have been forced to cancel and reschedule vaccination clinics, and to adjust their strategies about who gets a shot and when. According to this article:
'Higher risk' my ass; this is the kind of political bullshit the health care system already has too much of, and if Pelosi & Reid & Obama(LLC) get their way, it'll be how everything is run.

Speaking of giving terrorists & their buttmonkeys extra lattitude, the flying imams have now had a judge give them a pass for deliberately acting to scare hell out of a planeload of people. Wonderful judges we have.

Leftie columnist Frank Rich is just horribly bent out of shape that people outside New York took an interest in the NY-23 election; no word on if he's as upset with ACORN and vote fraud. And trying to take over Oklahoma government.

By the way, did Newt Gingrich just lose his mind? Or is he such a 'The Party above all' clown now that he'll do anything to put another (technically)'R' in an office, even if they're actually a Democrat? and screw the people who actually believe in what that 'R' is supposed to stand for?

A little more on the imam the FBI whacked a few days ago.

Ok, yesterday I walked into the house with my sunglasses on, took them off, and they've performed a ninja-like feat of disappearance. As in the bastards are vanished, and I still can't find them.

I hate this crap.


Anonymous said...

The last thing I want is one of big pharma's experimental flu vaccines - and ESPECIALLY if I was pregnant. I have an immune system - I'll take my chances. I have no desire to be an experimental animal for these money hungy goons. Prisoners and military personnel don't have a say in the matter.

Keith said...

I only get flu about 1 year in 6, and this one just sounds like a bad cold.

I used to be under the impression that flu had you in bed shivering and sweating for a week, and if there were $1,000 bills fluttering around the yard, well they could just blow away again... this thing "resolves in about 3 days"

Not worth risking catching something nastier at the doctor's surgery for a vaccination against what, a 1in 3 or 1in 6 risk of a big cold?


Fire said...

Damn, those sunglasses!

markm said...

Prisoners are at "higher risk" in the sense that an infectious disease can run through them like wild fire. OTOH, prisons are easy to quarantine, and Gitmo as a whole is also quite isolated, so why expect the disease to reach it in the first place? If they want to vaccinate someone, vaccinate the few people who regularly go between Gitmo and the outside world.

And of course, H1N1 isn't like typhus, which under the name of "gaol fever" did a lot to keep the 18th and 19th century British prison population down. For over 99% of healthy young men - and that describes Gitmo's entire staff and nearly all the prisoners - all it does is make you miserable for a few days. If the infection reaches the prison, it might be a good idea to vaccinate some of the guards, because they will miss work, but the prisoners don't have that problem...