Sunday, November 01, 2009

Due to circumstances somewhat beyond my control,

but which I'm not bitching about, I had a chance to try something I'd never had before: Bushmill's 16-year old single-malt.

If you look at their site there's a bunch of verbiage about 'treacle, toffee and something' about the taste; I'll just say this stuff is good. Very good.

To you know who you are: my taste buds thank you.


Chad said...

I have long loved Bushmills... that's my favorite whisky. I think the term used to describe it was "Skull-pop"

Anonymous said...

To quote Col Potter from an old MASH episode, "There's not enough o's in smooooooth to describe this."

B Woodman

Glad you enjoyed it. I've never had it (yet) myself).

Fire said...


Firehand, your taste buds make me blush.