Friday, November 06, 2009

One more thought from Tam, this one on the terrorist attack

at Fort Hood:
3) The cherry on the icing of the cake of the night was the mealy-mouthed General Cone simpering from the lectern about "We don't go armed around here, this is our home," which caused me to look at the loaded pistol on the nightstand in bafflement.

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weambulance said...

It's criminal the way our soldiers are treated at home. You could say I was completely disillusioned upon redeployment, because I went from a somewhat autonomous specialist with responsibilities, trust, and respect, to getting shit on by everyone because I was JUST a specialist. Likewise, I went from being required to carry a weapon and ammo everywhere to being prohibited from keeping a weapon in my barracks. Ridiculous.

If a soldier has his CCW permit in the state he is stationed in, or in a state with reciprocity, he should be allowed to carry at all times on a military post. Well, not during PT... unless he wants to get his pistol all messed up.

Honestly, most soldiers wouldn't bother. I would have, and so would a few of my gun nut friends. Figure eight or nine guys in my platoon alone would have carried pistols daily. Just one soldier could have averted the catastrophe at Fort Hood.

Too bad the higher ups don't give a fuck about real security, but would rather just make a show of it. You can't build a wall high enough or strong enough to keep the enemies of America out; in this case, the enemy was welcomed with open arms. The only way to prevent such incidents in the future is to allow every American citizen to carry the means to defend himself at all times, anywhere within the borders of our nation. Anything less is just feel-good bullshit.