Friday, November 06, 2009

A little more on the murdering muslim slimeball* at Fort Hood (updated)

Patterico's thoughts:
"Regardless of what Hasan’s motivation turns out to be, this information is relevant to the overall assessment. It could turn out that Hasan’s motivations have nothing to do with the war or Islam. Based on what I’m reading tonight, that appears unlikely . . . but I’m not jumping to any conclusions.

But the fact that we don’t know his motivations yet with crystal clarity is no excuse for burying the facts I have just related to you. As we try to figure out what’s going on, those facts matter. If you read Hot Air (or this site) you’re learning those facts. If you read the L.A. Times, they are being hidden from you.

And it’s quite clear why: political correctness. The L.A. Times will bury this as long as they can — probably until they’re embarrassed into revealing it due to its clear relevance. They will applaud themselves for being sober and cautious — something they would never do if the shooter were an aficionado of Rush Limbaugh instead of Allah and anti-American rants."
From what I'm hearing and reading, a lot of other major media is refusing to mention these non-pc things; so much better to blame the Army and the other soldiers for 'bullying', etc. For instance,
The evasiveness of media in the immediate wake of the Fort Hood murders is astonishing. The ABC’s Lisa Millar opened her midday report claiming to have “learned quite a lot about the gunman”, then revealed very little of it – apart from that Malik Nadal Hasan had “attracted a lot of harassment because of his last name” and “family background”. This came about, Millar reported, despite Hasan being born and raised in the US. Not mentioned in eight minutes of coverage: Hasan’s faith, which in a case like this is surely of interest. America’s ABC eventually gets around to it, after listing various other biographical details. In descending order of interest to that network:• Hasan was an “army psychiatrist”
• He’d trained in Maryland
• He didn’t get good reports while assigned to Walter Reed
• He wasn’t married
• No kids
• His parents came from Jordan

Oh, and by the way …

• A cousin describes him as “a pious lifelong Muslim”.

Two more things I'll note: the first from this article:
An imam from a mosque Hasan regularly attended said Hasan, a lifelong Muslim, was a committed soldier, gave no sign of extremist beliefs and regularly wore his uniform at prayers.
Well, imam, to put this bluntly, I don't believe you; we've heard too many imams say the same type of thing about people caught making plans for mass murder, the imam often being a slimeball who'd been preaching "Death to the Great Satan" and so forth. Your group in general has used up all presumption of truth.

Second, something I can't quite describe:
"I was confused and just shocked," said Spc. Jerry Richard, 27, who works at the center but was not on duty during the shooting. "Overseas you are ready for it. But here you can't even defend yourself."
It's a sorry fact, and it sucks.

Update: Found this at Malkin:
U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul, a Republican from Austin, was briefed by military officials and said Hasan had taken some unusual classes for someone studying about mental health.

“He took a lot of extra classes in weapons training, which seems a little odd for a psychiatrist,” McCaul said
Which indicates to me that he deliberately worked up to this, planned for it.

*And yes, I am out of all patience and tolerance for these people

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