Saturday, November 07, 2009

Here's a judge who needs a boot inserted rectally to jar his brain

into working:
Paul and Theresa Taylor were married for 17 years. He was an engineer for Boston's public-works department, while she worked in accounting at a publishing company. They had three children, a weekend cottage on the bay and a house in the suburbs, on a leafy street called Cranberry Lane. In 1982, when they got divorced, the split was amicable. She got the family home; he got the second home. Both agreed "to waive any right to past, present or future alimony."

But recently, more than two decades after the divorce, Ms. Taylor, 64, told a Massachusetts judge she had no job, retirement savings or health insurance. Earlier this year, the judge ordered Mr. Taylor, now 68 and remarried, to pay $400 per week to support his ex-wife
Bovine-effing- excrement from a clapped-out bull. Ms. Taylor is a bitch, and the judge is a moron. There is no damned way for her to legitimately argue this, period.

Tar, feathers, rail...


Mattexian said...

That is f*ed up; that's worse than my own parents' divorce, where my mom got the house and half my dad's retirement, and my dad had to move out.

skidmark said...

Why has the former Mrs Taylor not applied for any of the numerous government welfare programs she seems to be entitled to? Why has the judge not told her to do that?

My ex refused to apply for Medicaid because her then-curtrent therapists did not accept it. Finding myself over a barrel of having to pay for health insurance, I traded it off as a spousal support payment which made it taxable income for her and a deduction for me. Thank goodness (for me) she remarried soon afterwards. Never met the poor schlub but always pitied him.

WV = fersing : what this judge's decision is.

stay safe.

Puma said...

Marriage as we used to know it has been re-legislated into a mutant bear trap in the last 30-40 years. Avoid at all cost. Stay unmarried, stay safe.