Monday, September 14, 2009

From what I'm reading on the case of a girl named Rifqa,

Governor Crist of Florida should be ashamed. And should be kicking the ass of the people in the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement and Florida Dept. of Children who were involved in this mess:
“FDLE/DCF Investigators were accompanied to the Bary residence by Sgt. John Hurst of the Columbus P.D. Child Abuse Squad. The residence is located in an apartment complex. Mr. Babak Darvish, Executive Director of the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Columbus and Mr. Romin Iqbal, Staff Attorney for CAIR OHIO were present. Investigators interviewed Mr. Bary in a non-custodial setting.”

What makes this decision by FDLE and the FL Dept of Children and Families to allow CAIR - who is not a party to the legal dispute and has not notified the court that they are representing the Barys in any legal capacity - is that FDLE/DCF conducted a three and a half hour interrogation of Rifqa, the victim in this case, without her attorney and guardian ad litem being present. We reported on that revelation 10 days ago.

I first read of this case the other day, and it's a bloody disgrace.

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