Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NPR: "You can't actually expect poor people to know right

from wrong.
It's also important to keep in mind that ACORN's workers are coming from the same low-income neighborhoods the organization serves, with all that entails -- poor schools, high crime and the sorts of social problems that have been documented for decades.

So the flaws conservatives are pointing out about ACORN are not so much problems associated with that organization per se but more about the problems of being poor and minority in urban America
Ah, so according to NPR we can't expect low-income inner-city folks to care about things like child sex slavery, and tax evasion; that's just asking too much of them. And expecting ACORN to try to weed out people who would assist a pimp in smuggling child prostitutes into the country, and evade taxes, well, that would be bigoted or something.


GUNNY said...

At least Congress voted to cut off some funding. I don't think all of it was cut off or ACORN would be gone overnight. Looks like they wanted to fool us again.

Anonymous said...

What does it say that some people have to be taught that they should care about such things? It doesn't bode well for their character, now does it?

And they're always trying to fool us, Gunny. It's appalling.

Keith said...

I just watched part of the San Bernardino video:

Acorn employee talking about (hopefully bullshitting about)pre meditated killing of her husband, receiving immoral earnings threatening the life of the dirty old man accross the road etc.

The people in the videos don't lack cognitive ability, they do seem to lack any vestige of morality, and after seeing the outfits that Hannah and James were wearing (about as subtle and convincing as the bastard children of Borat/Bruno crossed with Huggy Bear!), they also lack any sense of reality.

Did they not sense that the couple in front of them were too stereotypical to be real?

I suspect that these modern day Horst Wessels in acorn and their appologists in NPR actually have fewer morals than the brown shirted community organisers of 1920s and '30s Germany

Well done James and Hannah
Veritas Visuals site is well worth a vist


apologies if I frightened your little Hammy, I got infected with that sort of humor at school, and neither a big dose of penecillin, nor applications of wire brush and cresote 3 times a day will cure it...

Anonymous said...


You're fine. You didn't frighten me. And my hamster died a LONG time ago. I had him when I was young. I have some humor that they haven't found a cure for yet. I just bet your ass it wouldn't be covered in the new healthcare reform either if they did find said cure.

Funny story though, my hamster kept getting out of his cage. And at the time, I had a hybrid wolf. 80 percent Timber wolf and 20 percent Alaskan Malamute.....I was walking down the hallway and Sheba, my dog, was running with something hanging out of her mouth. I ran to discover that Goober's cage was empty. I chased Sheba up and down the stairs trying to get her to drop him, and Goober was just hanging out of her mouth, no doubt having a near death experience. Finally, I caught her and said, "Drop it!" and Sheba opened her mouth and let Goober fall into my hands. He was soaked with spit, but just fine.

No apologies necessary, Keith. We're good.