Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rep. Maxine Waters(Commie-CA), who wants to socialize oil companies

wants you gone after if you speak against Obama and the health care takeover:
The media should investigate the racial views of conservative activists like the ones who descended on Washington last weekend, one liberal congresswoman said Wednesday.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) said that it's not enough for African-Americans to levy allegations of racism against the right-leaning protesters, and that the media must look into their views.

"I want those people talked to; I want them interviewed," Waters told the liberal Bill Press Radio show in a podcast. "I want journalists to be all over those rallies and the marches with the birthers and the teabaggers."

Because if you oppose The One and his schemes, you must be a racist, right?


kahr40 said...

I wish the media WOULD interview those involved in the protests to learn what motivates us. I'd beat the hell out of what they're doing, or not doing, now. And Waters...does anyone out of her district really care what she has to say?

Keith said...

Like the union brownshirts that went up to a conservative who happens to have black skin and demanderd to know what a "n****r" was doing handing out don't step on me posters, weren't racist?

It is the left which has it's legions of "identities" to throw people in and which are supposed to define everything about them:

Black, white, women, gay, young...

The left has always been racist (it's where the National Socialist German Workers party, and FDR's National recovery agency AKA Negro run around and many more evils came from), always will be, but it wants to project that onto us.

Evil, evil, evil, with a strong streak of stupid too.