Saturday, September 19, 2009

Riehl asks "What is Olympia Snowe smoking?"

I don't know, but this attempt to blow smoke up our kilts... she either thinks nobody pays attention or thinks she can lie and not be called on it. As to her not changing,
But the first part? Senator Snowe, you lie. I have seen your American Conservative Union rating. Your lifetime score is 47.88%, and your 2008 score of TWELVE PERCENT. That's one heck of a change.

And how does that $787 billion stimulus bill that you, Arlen Specter (still a Republican at the time) and Susan Collins voted for embody limited government and fiscal responsibility?
Snowe is just another RHINO squish.

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martywd said...

Pols, like Snowe, are so self-absorbed that after a while they truly believe there own lies.   Thus the none stop rate at which they spout those lies.