Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And yet another ACORN video surfaces

We've seen Baltimore, New York City and D.C., now I just heard of another tape from a California ACORN office. I wonder if they'll claim this one was 'edited' or 'taken out of context', too?


Chinese Gordon said...

I was thinking about this today. Do you remember how the press went after Halliburton during the last administration? Darth Cheney was CEO (or something close to it) of that company at one time. And the 60 Minutes and the Meet The Presses went full bore on any improprieties (real or imagined) that could be linked to Halliburton, and ipso facto back to Darth.

The simple fact that the enlightened Fourth Estate has not pursued any game trails in hot poysuit (to quote Sheriff Buford T. Justice) of Acorn corruption and the backtrack link to our community organizer POTUS is yet another example of how woefully in the tank our pretty talking heads are.

There is no surprise on this end, but it's still thoroughly depressing.

Anonymous said...

I remember, Gordon.

Politicians + anything they say = plagues.