Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A couple of things

One, why did he White House Military Office decide to spend all the damn money to do this in the first place? I mean, if they're so concerned about pollution(two F16s and a jumbo jet?), and saving money(you know what it costs to run each of those per hour?), WHY? And, if you're going to do something like this in New York City, how could the people involved be so effing stupid as to actually forbid letting people know what was going on?
An FAA spokesman, Jim Peters, defended the event, calling it "a planned, pre-approved military flight over New York to take photos." He said it was "pre-coordinated with everyone involved, including the city."

Except that an FAA memo specifically warned officials that if they released information about the flights to the public or the press, they'd be violating the law.

It even cited a specific statute
And don't you just love the 'military flight' being used over and over? Kind of like they think saying that will cover for the idiocy of this?

Globular Warming hypocrisy and lies, a twofer.

And the flu scare is really all the Evil Republican's Fault; was there ever any doubt?

Just as a general "Should I?" on a tetanus shot I called the doctor's office yesterday; for some reason, when asked when I last had one, the answer "Uh, a fair while back, I'm not sure" didn't satisfy them. So after work I an supposed to get a needle in the arm. Which just makes me so happy. Sore, but the swelling's down further and no sign of nastiness. And since work involves typing, that helps. So to work I go.


Windy Wilson said...

I'm expecting to see bumper stickers that say, "I still blame Bush".
As to the New York look-see, they emphasize the military approval of the flight to emphasize that they were the only ones trained enough to do it safely.
Just like BATF agents are the only ones trained enough to be allowed to carry handguns or people with journalism degrees are the only ones trained well enough to recognize truth and fairness in the media.

GunGeek said...

They probably didn't want the word to get out in order to prevent people from putting up banners or doing other stuff just so it would end up in the pictures.

Especially since Bush would have told them to do it...

simarilian said...

It's like they never heard of Photoshop.

They spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to fly millions of dollars of equipment in circles around a traumatized population, in order to save a few hundered bucks on a software licence and an hour or so of a designers time.