Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What I hate about tetanus shots isn't the shot;

that's just a sting. What I hate is how sore my arm is probably going to be in the morning.

Doc said no sign of infection, so the cleaning/antiseptic routine did the job. Swelling's way down, so should be back to normal in a few days.

Speaking of infections, I heard the news about Specter. Read where someone said "This is bad because the Stupid Party needed the numbers." How bad do you need a number who cannot be trusted not to stab you in the back at any opportunity? Good riddance to the slimy little bastard. He just proved that staying in that office means more to him than anything else, which means he has no business there.


Anthony said...

Good bye, good riddance, and they can take a few more with them, Gramm, Snowe, and Collins leap to mind.

Ya know, it's kind of funny that it took a Democrat to actually show some class. A few years ago, Joe Lieberman (love the man, hate his politics), lost his primary. He ran not as a Republican, but as an independent to win the election.

Remember how the MSM was just salivating over the prospect of him joining the GOP? He stood on principal. We need more like him in DC.

Marja said...

I got my shot on my ass. Went for my riding lesson the next day anyway. Fun. Besides, it itched too.

The reason I asked you was because I had a similar situation - a burn injury and no idea when I had had my last shot when the nurse asked about it. Ten years does go by a bit faster when you are older, doesn't it?

GunGeek said...

Back in boot camp, they told us that doing lots of pushups for the next day or two would ease the pain of the shot.

I'm guessing they were just making that up, but it could have something to do with heavy muscle use moving the stuff out of the immediate area quicker.

Kevin said...

What I hate about it is the screaming headache I get for about six hours afterwards.